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Our cash offer for land will show you a fair amount for your unwanted land and you’ll get our valuable eBook, consultation, and a mobile notary.

Have You Ever Thought “Should I Sell My Land?”

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Are you thinking about getting rid of your vacant land so you can have more freedom and financial stability? Aren’t you tired of paying taxes, insurance, and taking care of the land you have no plans with?

At GreyBearLand, we help landowners sell their unwanted land in ANY condition (as-is) for a fair amount of cash, in a very short time. Everything happens smoothly and without agents waiting for a commission or wasting your time. You’ll be free from your land, you won’t pay another dollar to maintain it, and you’ll end up with more money. You are just one step away.

Would You Rather Have Freedom And Stability, Or Unused Land?

The majority of landowners are wasting money every month on the land they will never use, until there’s no money left to waste. It’s like holding a wooden stick that’s on fire and waiting until the fire gets to your hand instead of letting go sooner. Keeping the vacant land is a good idea only if it brings you more than it takes.

Our typical customers are people who are in a situation where the asset no longer means much to them as in the beginning, so they are open to letting it go quickly because they can use some money. They cannot imagine that their property is of any value to others.

The majority of our customers are landowners who have owned the property a very long time and plans either changed or one spouse is now passed and the other has no interest.

Other typical customers are landowners who inherited the property, trusts, etc, and don’t know how to sell their vacant land. They tried to contact realtors, but agents have no interest due to the property’s price point or challenges.

Are you in one of these situations? If yes, fill out the form so we can tell you what’s the fair amount of cash for your unwanted land within 48 hours.

Our cash offer for land will show you a fair amount for your unwanted land and you’ll get our valuable eBook, consultation, and a mobile notary.

The Biggest Truth About Owning Vacant Land No One Is Telling You

Land gives us the right to feel freedom and independence because we invested the money. When it no longer gives you that right, it brings one stressful burden after another. If the situation turns around and it gives you more stress and expenses then freedom, you’ll probably soon say enough is enough. The sooner you say it, the better for you. We can solve this problem for you. Just ask us how.

Selling land for cash within weeks for fair cash without commissions, fees, agents, hassles, wasted time, or any stress is much easier than you think. It’s about working with the right partner that can really help you achieve your goal. Selling land privately can be harder than it looks. Most landowners don’t know the right way to go; that’s why they need to take the trial & error way and be stuck with their vacant land for months, or even years. Don’t sell your vacant land online by yourself. Let us help you.

Landowners that work with us are usually strained by a few common things. Is this your case as well?

Sell Your Land And Turn It Into More Freedom, Money, And Stability In Your Life

What are your main advantages when you sell your unwanted land to us?

You’ll be FREE from the land that’s only taking money from you.

You will be FREE from a loan you’ll be able to pay off.

You’ll have a better retirement.

You’ll increase your savings account to get more stability.

You’ll be able to take a family vacation.

You’ll be able to say “Goodbye” to taxes!

We will make your life better and easier. All you need to do is fill out the form below and we will uncover everything you need to know, so you can enjoy the cash from selling your land.

Our cash offer for land will show you a fair amount for your unwanted land and you’ll get our valuable eBook, consultation, and a mobile notary.

Why Do Land Sellers Love To Work GreyBearLand?

Because selling your land to us is easy, fast, and stress-free. You can expect a lot of benefits:

Who Is Going To Take Care Of You?


As owner and founder of GreyBearLand Chris is the brain, heart, and soul behind the scenes. Chris has the unmatched ability to identify opportunities, and to see the broader picture in every day business.


Harvey has positioned himself as an integral part of our acquisitions team. Also involved in property research, Harvey goes the extra mile and beyond to find solutions that work for GreyBearLand and for our valued customers. His support for our customers is outstanding.


Communication is the key to his success within GreyBearLand. Ronan's friendly, reliable and knowledgeable attitude will knock you off your feet. Enjoy working with him!


Till is our expert in resolving difficult situations and has proven to provide solutions almost any time. He is involved in property evaluations, contracts and closings. Most likely you will be in contact with Till as we are nearing closing.

You Are Fully Covered By Our Rock-Solid Guarantees!

Our cash offer for land will show you a fair amount for your unwanted land and you’ll get our valuable eBook, consultation, and a mobile notary.

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An eBook: Top 8 Ways A Wholesale Land Buyer Will Help With Vacant Land (Where No-One Else Will!)

This informative eBook will show those who have owned vacant land for many generations or bought to invest (and it didn't work out as planned!) exactly what to do. If you need to liquidate the land and put the funds towards more meaningful things, it will give you inspiration on how to approach this and work with a land buyer to help you on your journey.


A FREE mobile notary worth $250

Our goal is to make selling your land as easy as it can get for you. That’s why we’ll send you a mobile notary completely FREE to complete the transaction at closing if you prefer, so you don’t even have to leave your home. The whole selling process will be smooth, easy, and safe.


A consultation with a land expert

If you want to sell your land but have a ton of questions, we can help. For example: What is the value of your land? What are your options? How to approach challenges? You will get ALL your answers during this free consultation with our GreyBearLand expert team.

What Do Happy Clients Say About Working With Us?


Frequently Asked Questions and honest answers.

We assess all properties based on their attributes. Some of the properties we work with have issues that require fixing and we ensure these issues are fixed for you prior to closing. Also, we ensure that we look at the fair market value for the property and what it takes to make the property usable. This may impact what the real value is, versus other properties in the area that may already be cleared and ready to build on. As property investors and buyers, we also do all of the hard work for you: due diligence, fixing any issues to ensure it can be used and liaising with all title companies and attorneys to have any issues fixed. We approach this with the mindset that everyone wins: you, the end user of the land, and us, the investor.

As mentioned, we often spend time conducting quite deep due diligence on the property. This involves conducting title and lien searches, ensuring title insurance can be issued and fixing any potential issues that may impede the use of the property. These things take time, and we usually close much sooner than expected with our happy clients. We also work with Title Companies who perform the closing process and there can be delays here, depending on how busy the title companies are at that time.

Once we go through all of the research, we are then able to safely close on the conditions that we promised in the contract. The closing agent will issue all closing documents to you for review and once approved, they will arrange a date and time that suits all parties to close for you. This can be done either in person and via a Mobile Notary, whichever you choose.

Mobile Notaries work all across the United States. Our closing agent will contact one in your area, arrange for them to bring all of the documents to you for closing. At the time arranged, the Notary will check all of your identification and that it matches the closing documents, they will witness you signing and will then finalize all documents. The Notary will then send these authorized documents back to the closing agent for filing and closing.
Once the notarized documents are received by the closing agent and they are recorded, the closing agent will arrange a check or wire transfer to you, whichever you choose. This typically happens within a few days after the Mobile Notary has been to visit and has signed the documents with you.

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You’re just one step away from being the next happy seller. Our no-obligation cash offer will give you all the data and information so you can make a fully informed decision.

This is for you ONLY if you really want to sell your land quickly without any fees or stress, for a fair amount of cash. Our spots are limited because we only work with a few landowners every month. If you want to avoid disappointment, fill out the form below to get your bonuses with an offer for your vacant land now.

Our cash offer for land will show you a fair amount for your unwanted land and you’ll get our valuable eBook,
consultation, and a mobile notary.